A proven seven step low maintenance landscaping method results in attractive outdoor living spaces using water smart plants, trees and shrubs. Research plants and the site in relation to sun, soils, water and maintenance demands. Consider site geography, wildlife, views and privacy.


Community Information:

City of Prescott Rebate Program:

Receive up to $400 for removing turf to install low water use landscaping.

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1 Design a Plan – Sketch area including existing and proposed walkways, outdoor spaces, structures and planted areas. Group plants, trees and shrubs with similar light and water needs on the same irrigation zone. Consider how outdoor spaces will be used, and their function to indoor spaces.

2 Amend the Soil – Most plant and turf areas require some organic compost; native plants are the exception. Improve soil during site preparation, especially turf areas for long term water saving and turf health.


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Additional Resources:

Prescott Creeks and the Creek Care Guide

Arizona Cooperative Extension: Yavapai Gardening

Harvesting Rainwater for Landscape Use

Conservation: Regional Water Awareness Handbook

WaterShed Smart Tips:

Consider permeable alternatives for driveways, patios and walkways that allow water to soak into the soil and reduce runoff.

Use bricks or blocks set in sand, gravel, or wood chips.

WaterSmart Tips:

Group plants with the same watering needs together to avoid overwatering some while underwatering others.

Water Knowledge Tips:

We're all connected in a watershed. Whether or not you live close to a water body, water always flows downhill.

Activities around your home and runoff from your property will end up in a downstream water body.