Common Irrigation Challenges

Many homeowners have challenges with their irrigation systems. Use the table below to identify more common irrigation issues along with suggested solutions.

Issues Image Suggested Solution

Leaning sprinkler nozzle

Leaning sprinkler

Straighten sprinkler nozzle

Plants block the sprinkler nozzle

Plants blocking sprinkler

Trim plants or add a riser before the sprinkler nozzle.



Adjust sprinkler nozzle.

Consider a pressure regulator or adjust timer.

Misting or fogging

Misting or fogging

High pressure --- Install a pressure regulator.

Mismatched sprinkler heads

Mismatched sprinkler heads

Replace with consistent sprinkler head type and brand.

If you've identified that you have any of the problems above, you can talk to someone at your local irrigation supply store or hardware store about how to implement the solution.

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